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● Zhejiang Tianci New Energy Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (TCI) is a world leading manufacturer and contractor of high-performance solar water pumping systems for civil, agricultural and industrial engineering. TCI has been founded for over 70-year with specialized manufacturing experience and 21-years' contractor experience for engineering project management. TCI focused in the development, production, sale, construction and management of the solar water pumping systems, pump inverters, solar panels, solar off-grid stand-alone systems, solar hybrid systems installations. TCI is your most trustworthy long-term partner. 

● TCI located in Jiashan, Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, 20 minutes from Shanghai Metropolis, one of the most important export and manufacture center in China. TCI has 15,000m2 manufacturing facility.

● TCI exported to more than 25 countries of Australia, Africa, Middle-east and Southeast Asia. TCI sticks with world-class tech and management synchronization.Our products and systems, most of which, have received international authority quality certifications including CE, TUV,CQC,etc. The company also has passed SGS laboratory factory inspection and achievedthe certification of ISO9001 quality system and ISO 14001 environmental quality systems.

● TCI is an affiliate company of the Zhejiang Meishan Miner’s Lamp Co., LTD, which is a state-owned company with 70-year manufacture experience. In 1998, the group had realized its first international project of solar PV pumping system in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. 



● TCI has established strategic cooperative relationship with China Photoelectric Technology Development Center and has laid solid foundation for project cooperation with the numerous Chinese provinces departments of science and technology, water conservancy, agriculture, forestry and cattle husbandry.

● TCI is the largest provider of solar water pumping system in China.

● TCI has sufficient experience in engineering application in the world, so that it can not only provide clients with reliable PV water pumping systems, but also offer perfect design schemes.

● The company has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 Certification and it has been entered in Chinese Guidance Catalogue for Key Popularization of Advanced and Practical Water Conservancy Technologies by Chinese Ministry of Water Resources.

● In 2014, TCI has received the China Quality Center CQC certification for the groundwater solar PV pumping system. 

Mission & Vision

● Mission: Develop renewable energy solution to recover the environment and bring huge long-term benefits to people.

● Vision: Become first-class worldwide supplier to create  better and cleaner life.