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 The Problem

Farmers in Kenya face many challenges including unreliable rainfall, high energy prices, low crop yields, and lack of access to modern farming technology.

Kenya has 5.4 million hectares of arable land, but only 17% of this land is suitable for rainfed agriculture; leaving the remainder in need of irrigation and pumping technology. Petrol, electric, and manual treadle pumps are presently available in the market, but the effectiveness of these technologies is constrained by high input costs and labor inefficiencies.


TCI GREENANSWER provides complete solar photovoltaic/PV pumping irrigation projects with all the needed solar pumping irrigation accessories and auxiliary equipment such as in water riser pipe, water tank, sprinkler, pivot, well cover, well depth detector, PV installation tools, flange, mounting system.

To meet our growing population, farmers will need to produce more crops in the next 40 years than they had in the last 10,000 years combined. The electricity network grid is difficult and expensive to access in so many agricultural regions, even if available, under frequent power failures or supply voltage degradation. In case, So that farmers may heavily rely on diesel generators.

Diesel in your area may be expensive or difficult to transport, leaving you to pay high cost in daily consumption. So the solar-based pumping irrigation solution may become a good way to resolve this kind of problem.

Solar pumping agricultural irrigation system must provide management controls such as water underground water detection, automatic free-maintenance operation, GSM remote control system, constant water pressure maintenance system.

Solar pumping irrigation systems from TCI GREENANSWER have a useful life up to 25 years with a EN 62109, EN61000 European standard. So remember to buy solar pumping systems on quality, not on cost.