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Solar Portable Power System

Use solar photovoltaic technology to obtain photovoltaic electric power at places where sunshine can reach. In this way, energy of portable equipment (such as communication equipment, photographic equipment, laptop and illumination etc.) can be supplemented. Meanwhile, electricity needed by daily household activities can also be supplemented and portable and convenient electric power can be realized as well.

■Consisted of solar panel, Lithium battery, controller and inverter.

■With AC Power 230V 50Hz sine, USB Power and DC 12V output.

■Luxury Aluminium-Box designed. as new portable supplies.

■ System possess Automatic Protection.

Model Solar Energy Battery AC output DC output lithium Battery Size(mm) Weight
XPPA-20L 2*10W 250W 5V 500Ma 12V 3A 12Ah 500*350*158 12kg
XPPA-30L 2*15W 250W 5V 500Ma 12V 3A 20Ah 570*395*158 16.5kg
XPPA-40L 2*20W 250W 5V 500Ma 12V 3A 24Ah 645*400*158 18kg